Safe Access

The current entrance to the park property is less than ideal because it is:

(1) Not aligned with an intersection.
(2) Located across an active, at-grade Norfolk Southern railroad line. While there are warning lights at this crossing, there is no railroad arm.

Our goal is to make the entry to the park safer and more easily accessible to vehicles, pedestrians and bikers. To do this, we would like to:

  • Realign the entry of the park to Brilliant Avenue
  • Install a crossing arm
  • A side benefit of moving entry to the park to Brilliant would be increased traffic between Aspinwall’s business district and the park property. Improving pedestrian access would reduce the amount of parking needed for visitors to the park.

Let’s Make This (the current configuration)…



…Into This (Our Ideal Configuration)

The crossing project, being led by the Borough of Aspinwall, is complex and involves many entities – including the PennDOT, Borough of Aspinwall, The City of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, and Norfolk Southern and Allegheny Valley Railroads.  Extensive coordination and permitting is involved.  Because of these factors, this project is not expected to be completed until 2018.