Building Plans

Aspinwall Riverfront Park is a unique and innovative park focusing on water and how it shapes our lives. As a learning environment, it will teach about the ways water affects the landscape and human settlement. As an active play environment, it offers people of all ages a place to let loose and get moving. As a contemplative environment, it is a place to pause and let the natural beauty of this region’s river valleys and ridges inspire and relax. As a social environment, it will offer expansive recreation opportunities and areas for public events. Because of its location along the bus line and only a few miles from very different communities, the Park brings diverse groups of people together, improving the quality of life for all.
The project has three major elements:
(1) West Park development (this is the more natural area)
(2) East Park development (this area will be for active recreation)
(3) Access improvements and parkingOur first priority has been to develop the property into a park with sufficient amenities to enable it to be used by the public. As we raise more money, we will be able to add more features to enable people to have better access to the river and enjoy more recreational opportunities.


Nature’s beauty and complexity is the primary inspiration for West Park. Here, we have the opportunity to create and preserve a unique ecosystem – providing an opportunity for generations of people to fall in love with nature. The three and a half acre raw space is extraordinary. Huge stone pillars, and the rail lines above, form two sides of a triangle as they make their way to the Allegheny River. Visitors will be able to see the theme of the Park’s design – “Raindrops to River” – played out as landforms ripple out like a raindrop to the Allegheny. A level quarter mile trail will lead visitors through plant communities found along Pennsylvania riverfronts.



The current entrance to the park property is less than ideal because it is:

(1) Not aligned with an intersection.
(2) Located across an active, at-grade Norfolk Southern railroad line. While there are warning lights at this crossing, there is no railroad arm.

Our goal is to make the entry to the park safer and more easily accessible to vehicles, pedestrians and bikers. To do this, we would like to:

  • Realign the entry of the park to Brilliant Avenue
  • Install a crossing arm
  • A benefit of moving entry to the park to Brilliant would be increased traffic between Aspinwall’s business district and the park property. Improving pedestrian access would reduce the amount of parking needed for visitors to the park.

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